WREN Recycled Catch All Set of 2 Black


Made with cement paper that is fused to be durable so that we can cut, fold and stitch – these versatile storage tubs have so many uses and will keep your space effortlessly organized! These Paper Tubs aren’t only about clever design and clean lines; they have generous hearts and will hold potted plants, pens & pencils, fruit, unruly cables, coins, cutlery, and countless other items that need a comfy home!

Fully reversible – the paper can be one the outside and the fabric on the inside, or the fabric on the outside and the paper on the inside
Coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water resistant
Adjustable height – just fold and roll the top
They fold flat and are super lightweight, so they are easily tucked away when not in use. Made by WREN in South Africa.