WREN Passport Travel Organizer Small


All of your essential traveling documents and currency in one simple and thin pouch! No need to carry several wallets when traveling, or folio’s filled with different documents…. Wren’s Travel Folder is designed to carry all the essentials needed for transitioning borders in an easy access and secure way. Made by WREN in South Africa.
Made with cement paper that is fused to be durable so that we can cut, fold and stitch, this Travel Folder will last you a very long time and hopefully accompany you on many adventures.
There are 6 individual card holders.
-At the back of the folder are two large flat pockets. These are great for currency, coins or notes.
-There is one semi-open pocket which you can slide your passport into securely or your phone.
-The Travel Folder closes with a hidden magnet that does not slide near your cards to ensure that the magnetic strip on them is never damaged. Light, slim and able to contain everything you need to have a stress free, on-the-go experience.