Ubuntu Orphan Bracelets


Xtina Parks’ loving friend, Louise Hogarth, founder of DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign in the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa, where there is an unemployment rate of approximately 70%. Through the sale of these bracelets ROAM supports Louise’s efforts to empower HIV/AIDS affected women by giving them the opportunity to take control of their lives by offering employment. Her organization teachs them the necessary skills to run their own businesses and to become self-sufficient. They also pay them a living wage. Louise launched the Orphan Bracelet Campaign to serve as a revenue-generating project that helps women affected by HIV/AIDS and children orphaned by this epidemic. The bracelet provides a vehicle for people to help alleviate some of the misery experienced by children around the world as well as provide income for women in desperate need of support.
The Orphan Bracelet Campaign operates under the auspices of Dream Out Loud Productions, a Los Angeles based non-profit independent television and film production company that specializes in true stories about people and events focusing on social and human rights issues. Dream Out Loud is dedicated to the creation of media projects that touch hearts, change attitudes and foster positive change.