Third Eye Shaped Tuareg Sterling Silver Necklace


The Sahara Desert is the home of the Tuareg tribe, descendants of the ancient race of Berbers, some of whom trekked southwards into the desert about a thousand years ago to escape the Arabs who were invading their fertile lands in North Africa. 

Jewelry is important to the Tuareg and most women, however humble, have a personal collection.  It represents capital, for it is traditionally part of the dowry, but pieces are also passed down from mother to daughter or exchanged as gifts between friends.  People of the desert use jewelry for barter, and a silver pendant may be exchanged for livestock, a bag of millet, an indigo turban or an embroidered blouse.  

Jewelry from the Sahara has often been characterized by protective symbolism.  Fear of the evil eye is common to all people of Berber origin.  They oppose the power of the evil eye with a good eye, which may be in the form of a triangle, the front of a cowrie shell, or a circle with a dot in the middle.  Tuareg crosses are believed to have strong powers, the arms of the cross are believed to disperse all evil to the four corners of the Universe.  

Total Length: 12 inches

Pendant: 2.5 inches wide