Pillar Candle


These hand-painted candles are small works of art. Crafted by artists in South Africa, these candles are hand poured and then individually hand painted. Each designs name is derived and inspired by an African word that comes to life on this candle through color and patterns. All bright colors and designs reflect the culture and influences of South Africa. Each candle is one of a kind and no one is exactly the same.

Nobunto is a South African Fair Trade company that creates high quality items using African inspired designs. Their mission is to help those who are unemployed, alleviate poverty, but doing so in a way where they are socially, ethically, and sustainably responsible. The word Nobunto is a Sotho word which means “for the people.” Their name as well as their company logo of four hands intertwined, shows their motivation and sprit, and willingness to help those in need the most. Roughly 64 hours of burn time.
5"L x 3"W x 3"D