One-off Fusion Cup


Sick of boring old glassware? These One-off Fusion cups are the perfect solution! Completely one of a kind, these cups are sure to live up to the hype. 

Clementina Van der Walt is a well-known South African studio potter, based in Cape Town, whose work is represented in several South African national and international collections. “My intention is to seek the sacred in the ordinary. Making contemplative and utilitarian objects by hand in the ceramic discipline, with cultural and historical links to rituals of everyday life, encompasses society, religion and philosophy. The archetypal significance of the home, as a point where our spiritual and earthy lives interconnect is where I have attempted to explore these ideas.”

Clementina’s aesthetic inspiration is drawn from the patterns, colors and textures by applying techniques of press molding, casting and throwing and using earthenware clay's, slips and under-glazes.