Medium Giraffe


Kenana Knitters was founded in Njoro, Kenya in 1998 by Patricia Nightingale with the purpose of changing lives stitch by stitch. Women in rural Kenya do not have the same rights as men and must juggle many domestic and agricultural duties at home. Oftentimes there are not many job opportunities for women, but Kenana employs over 500 rural women as knitters and spinners! Knitting and spinning wool is an ideal job as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in between household tasks. Kenana wants to empower women to take charge of their lives through their work and provides women with a sustainable wage that is higher than they would normally be able to make. Kenana also provides their employees with health and welfare clinics at no charge to give the knitters access to valuable information. Adult literacy classes are also provided to the knitters if they choose, as many rural women do not have access to education.

Kenana Knitters are made with hand spun wool that is organic as well as locally and sustainably sourced in Kenya. The wool is dyed with local natural dyes that are eco friendly. 


Dimensions: 4x18x7 in