Maasai Belt 1.5" Thick


A beautifully handmade Maasai-style belt made using real glass beads, leather, and a recycled brass belt buckle. Each belt is sourced from the Nairobi area from local Maasai women.

The Maasai are a people that inhabit Kenya and Tanzania. They are a group that is not only extremely well-known, but also very proud of their traditional customs that have been celebrated for ages. The Maasai are pastoral and focus their livelihood around their cattle. One of the most recognizable aspects of Maasai culture is their beautiful beadwork, which is traditionally done by the women. All women are expected to learn how to create the easily identifiable style of beading that the people are known for. Although they began their craft using natural materials such as bone and wood, glass became the primary medium after europeans introduced glass to trade in the 19th century. Beadwork is now a large source of income for Maasai tribes.