Lighted Moose Unmounted Trophy Head


This Lighted Moose Trophy Head is certainly one that can brighten up any room. Handmade out of paper cache and metal for structure stability, this item is one of a kind and a true work of art.
Trophy hunting-the shooting of selected animals, usually big game like elephants, antelope, or lions-poses a big threat to the endangered and threatened species on the African continent. By creating these trophy heads by hand out of paper mache, Michael Methven creates a way to appreciate wildlife without harming the individual creature.
Michael Metheven and his wire Anthea have innovated the Pan-African market by encouraging cultural tolerance, collaborating with township crafters and launching Moonlight and Magic, a design initiative that endeavors to incorperate cutting edge traditional African craft with the world design.
We hope you enjoy your new decor, handcrafted for you in South Africa, and hope it brings light into your home!
20"L x 45"W x 24"D