Large Beaded Rabbits South Africa


Bunnies love company, and it's no different for these guys. Take one home and have an extra cute companion in your home, front yard, or garden! Handmade using wire and glass beads by Wilber "The Beadman" Nyamukapa. Due to the handmade nature of this item, please anticipate unique differences - they only add to the charm!

Large Beaded Rabbit, South Africa.

ROAM is proud to help artisans and craftspeople from Africa to continue in their expressing their heritage through the creation of African beadwork and wire art. The artisans who have lovingly hand made the works we offer not only are incredibly talented – their works serve a higher purpose in their community’s lives. The work showcased here was made by an incredible beadwork artist, Wilber Nyamukapa, born and raised in Zimbabwe who now resides in South Africa. Not only does your order help our craftspeople raise their standard of living personally – but also through their ability to create much needed jobs, Wilber was able to hire both South Africans and Zimbabweans who in turn have managed to buy homes, paid for their children’s education, and sustain them through a very long dry period of no income due to Covid restrictions.

As Wilber says to us: “THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AND AGAIN AND ALWAYS.” We all are so grateful, thank you for joining us in supporting this incredible man and his family!

Please note that all dimensions and colors have slight and unique variations due to the hand-made aspect of all the beadwork and availability of items being used for their creation. Therefore, your beaded creation is one of a kind.