Ichiyo Necklace


Named after the Ichiyo Ikebana school , where arrangements relied on balance and not fastening techniques- this piece too allows the wearer to create their own configurations based on balance. Reminding us that power exists in dynamic balance, kindness with boundaries, expression with discipline, freedom with responsibility. Power emanating from within always overcomes force. Thin rope embellished with hand-painted wooden beads, brass and fresh-water pearls.

PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs. Every piece of PICHULIK items are made by a single artist, inspired with her own special design skill and innovation.

Employing women, unite with women, and outsources to local women-owned small businesses, to promote job creation and economic activity in local communities, and increase women’s earning capacity.

This piece has inter-linked ropes and is adjustable and is 7.9" long.