Hand Loomed Bolster Pillow


Ashanti’s Hand Loomed Bolster Pillow is so versatile! It can be used as a lounge sized body and bed pillow to provide you with support for those lazy afternoons you want to lie on your side and watch clouds float by... Or you can use this awesome cushion either as a bolster for your back in bed, on the couch, or with a Bori Bori Bean Bag. All handmade. Crafted with African classical weaving techniques from recycling T-shirt material that would otherwise be discarded into landfills. Each T-shirt is hand-stripped, dyed by hand, re-woven and then crafted into this iconic, colorful fabric. Approx. Size: 53” Long x 8" Diameter
Made of Cotton & Cotton Mix. Fill the bolster with approx. cubic feet of recycled or new polystyrene beans. Please note that the Bolster Pillow is shipped flat and does not arrive filled.
Photos are an example of the different color schemes that are available. Please email us if you would like to see exact photos of what we have in stock!