Fibonacci Necklace


The Fibonacci Necklace by Beloved Beadwork is one of their most delicate designs. Named for the famous mathematician that created the sequence by which this necklace was created, it is a wonderful adornment for the collar bone.
In a country with high unemployment, making labour intensive items is a great way to boost employment. Making meaningful, sustainable jobs is a big part of what motivates Beloved Beadwork. All handmade in South Africa.
Glass Beads,
Sterling Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold chain
Strong nylon thread.

Approx. 19 inches long

Each Piece is handmade and unique, please anticipate one of a kind differences.

Take care to treat your Beloved Beadwork jewelry with love and care. Avoid tangling with other pieces. Avoid contact with moisture and chemicals (this includes soap, lotion, and perfume, too!). Please remove rings for bathing or chores. Avoid touching your pieces as this will preserve their sheen.