Medium Brown Marble Rock


This Felted Brown, Medium Rock communicates the harmony of nature and the right amount of peacefulness in your home. It is eco-friendly too! Ronel Jordaan is a famous self-taught textile designer out in Cape Town, South Africa. Felt is used as a creative medium and delicately transformed into unique, nature inspired structures. Ronel extended her talent to local women to help her create and expand. All of the pieces are ethically made, for example, there is no carbonization of the wool therefore no harmful chemicals released into our ecosystems and bio-degradable substances are utilized in other products such as soap. There is also animal rights awareness and no mule-sing (docking of sheep tails to prevent flystrike) happening in the workplace.

Since Ronel Jordaan’s pieces are made out of 100% organic Merino wool it is important to take care of each item carefully for product longevity. Some guidelines for the best care include: do not place your product on an abrasive surface, turn over product regularly to avoid moisture buildup/insect/dust mites, dust and vacuum product, spray product with lavender mist or insecticide every 3 months, and you may dry clean the products. Taking care of the product is not as much work as it seems and more of a list to show you that there are many ways to keep your products in good shape! These products are bound to present a wonderful and peaceful touch to your home!

Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 10 in

Weight: 5.1 lbs