Egg Cup


This egg cups are great for just that, sake, but also perfect for a shot of your choice of alcohol. Created with a distinctive abstract African style using tactile, bead-like painting on hand-crafted ceramics, for which Potterswork is renowned. Each piece is made by a master artisan. No two works are identical. Each piece is made by a master artisan. No two works are identical. The main color option is listed and a representative photo is shown. You will receive a similar piece. As all are one of a kind the main color option best describes the piece. All separate pieces in the Poppy range coordinate with each other beautifully and can be mixed and matched to create a garden of colors on your table. If you desire to speak with one of our associates they can always pick and choose for you a color selection that will be unique, just like you!

Potterswork has grown over the last twenty years from Shop, to Studio to a bustling workshop. They are a creative team of people varied backgrounds, and in this space they come together and produce unique works of African-designed ceramics. Against tradition, it is the men at the workshop that do the painting on the raw slipcast pieces and the women do the supportive work. It can take up to two years to train the artist to become proficient in the intricate designs that are executed. Over the years they have created their own particular style that is rooted in African tradition. Pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

2"L x 2"W x 2"H