Big Lady with Elephant and Flower Sculpture


This “Celebratory Sculpture” of Big Lady with Whale and Flowers in clay by renowned ceramic artist, Tania Babb, has a silky and earthy porcelain-matt finish that absorbs the light instead of reflecting it – which makes this work “clean and quiet,” as Babb intended. Every single ceramic work is one of a kind and handmade with no two quite alike. Babb likes to refer to her small jewels of ceramic works as “celebratory sculptures.” ROAM is enraptured with the delicately fine details that also endow a solidness that this master ceramic artist has created. Each piece is a meaningful work where Babb captures relationships with her subjects, both human and animal. As Babb has said “Pets sit self-assured next to their owners… women sit astride hulking African animals – totems of the power they have brought forth… women dance with wild abandon only they can hear… celebrating freedom: couples stand arm in arm.” Enjoy this sculpture from South Africa as a meaningful gift or to help you mark time by celebrating a goal well won. We simply love these clay works of art and hope that you will as well!