Ashanti Cotton Throw Blanket


The Ashanti Cotton Throw blanket is made of using textures, colors, solids and stripes, made from Ashanti's recycled T-shirt fabric. It's cozy, soft, vibrant, and makes a difference in people's livelihoods! Lift any space with a relaxed splash of Afro-chic vibrance. Ashanti Design is an eco-conscious company ROAM supports wholeheartedly! Using African classic weaving techniques, the material used by Ashanti is created by recycling T-shirts that would otherwise be thrown into landfills. Each T-shirt is hand stripped, handwoven, and then produced into the iconic, colorful fabric. Crafted with love in South Africa. Approximate Dimensions: 69" x 58" Cotton and Cotton Mix. And because every inch is made from upcycled fabric that’s woven into existence by hand, each item is unique – just like you!