Ashanti Cotton Throw Blanket


The Ashanti Cotton Throw blanket is made of using textures, colors, solids and stripes, made from Ashanti's recycled T-shirt fabric. It's cozy, soft, vibrant, and makes a difference in people's livelihoods! Lift any space with a relaxed splash of Afro-chic vibrance. Ashanti Design is an eco-conscious company ROAM supports wholeheartedly! Using African classic weaving techniques, the material used by Ashanti is created by recycling T-shirts that would otherwise be thrown into landfills. Each T-shirt is hand stripped, handwoven, and then produced into the iconic, colorful fabric. Crafted with love in South Africa. Approximate Dimensions: 69" x 58" Cotton and Cotton Mix. And because every inch is made from upcycled fabric that’s woven into existence by hand, each item is unique – just like you!
Photos are an example of the different color schemes that are available. Please email us if you would like to see exact photos of what we have in stock!