Adinkra Sankofa Bracelet Red


Adinkra are symbols from Ghana used to represent important concepts. They are commonly used on fabric and ceramics, and Global Mamas has brought them to jewelry! Sankofa is a word in the Ghanian language meaning "go back and take." The stylized heart symbol on these beads represents Sankofa. The symbol represents the importance of learning from the past to build the future. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to always grow and learn from your past!

Global Mamas is a group dedicated to uplifting Ghanian women out of poverty. With what began as a small effort of six women has grown to include helping women in six locations across the country! Global Mamas is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and all of their products focus on the artistic abilities of all the Mamas. Ranging from batiked home goods to beautifully unique jewelry, there is a product for you - that is guaranteed to help a Mama!