3 Lady Bowl

These hand crafted 3 Lady Bowls are not only unique, but remind us, especially women, that we all must rise together despite having different backgrounds and experiences of life in order to unlock our greatest potential. The artists have poured their heart into every piece and hope that their creations bring some type of closure to someone's home.

Zizamele Ceramics was born after its owner, Toni Burton, discovered her desire to help women who had a knack for art. In 2008, she began helping local ladies discover their talents and use their artistic integrity to empower themselves through creative expression.Many come from Cape Town, are trained by Burton herself, and encouraged to freely create as they please to yield a one-of-a-kind piece for your home. Pieces are sold both in local craft fairs and around the globe! Their most noted design is the "friendship bowl" which represents the strength of uplifting connections with each other. In the past year of 2021, South Africa has experienced a lot of unrest resulting in a lot of businesses, including Zizamele Ceramics, experiencing financial hardships and struggling to give their workers what they deserve. All the purchases from all around the world immensely helps Toni Burton and her workers of Zizamele Ceramics to not give up and do their best to continue to expand their talents!
7"L x 7"W x 6"H